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APG Quarterly Newsletter
Advanced Pavement Group is Pavement Maintenance and Reconstruction's 2018 Contractor of the Year 



Every year, as an organization, we take time to reflect on our roots and measure ourselves in order to stay clear as to what it is we envision for our future and the future value for our customers. In the past year-and-a-half, we have made great changes that enhance the services we deliver. We are extremely proud of this. You may have known us as Powerhouse Paving or Supreme Metro. We want to assure you that the leadership and voices you’ve come to expect on the phone, as well as the faces you recognize onsite, are the same; albeit the logos on our shirts and the pronouncement on our calls have changed. A very conscious and deliberate decision was made to form, of these parties, this corporation, Advanced Pavement Group in order to:

-Enhance our Financial Stability.
-Strengthen our Resources & Capability.
-Increase our reach across a Broader Geography.
-Elevate the development of our people to Build the Best Teams.
-Ensure consistent Great Quality and Increased Value for our customers.

 2018 promises to bring with it new challenges, exciting opportunities and no shortage of things to be thankful for. We appreciate the loyalty and support of you, our valued customer. To reciprocate, we feel that sharing with you the next stages of our journey is imperative as you are an equal part of our Advanced Pavement Group family. We want to make a promise to you to deliver updates on our growth and share with you the added value you can expect as we build for the future. We want to hear from you along the way. We invite your questions, suggestions and comments as we enter the next stage in this process.
From your old friends and new here at Advanced Pavement Group, we would once again like to thank you for your business.
The Advanced Pavement Group Team

Advanced Pavement Group welcomes its new Chief Executive Officer, Joseph J. Tinney Jr.
Joe brings with him a range of skills and experience from a variety of industries.

Advanced Pavement Group © 2018

Joseph J. Tinney, Jr.
Chief Executive Officer
Advanced Pavement Group

Year in Review... What's New at Advanced Pavement Group


Welcoming Joseph J. Tinney Jr.

APG Contractor of the Year 2018

Year in Review

Budgeting for Your Asphalt's Lifecycle

Tips for Managing Exteriors

The end of the year is not just the time to finish up last minute projects. The beginning of the year is a time to reflect on which initiatives were successful and which could have gone better. Now is the perfect time for looking forward and starting to assess some of the long terms goals that you may have for your property. These goals don't always pertain to new projects and additions. Some of the most important goals to consider are those that directly serve to preserve the assets in which you've already invested.

Roofing, air conditioning, drainage, concrete sidewalks, and asphalt parking lots and roadways are all candidates for maintenance. So often we neglect our asphalt and concrete surfaces specifically, until major repair or replacement is necessary. Before taking a reactive approach, doing a full assessment of the property and developing a maintenance plan can help to avoid unnecessary costs of both time and money.

So, what maintenance items should be considered valuable to the preservation of your hard surfaces?

Pothole Repair:
Potholes can often be indicative of a larger problem just around the corner. Removing the damaged asphalt and replacing it will help to eliminate a potential liability, stop the damaged area from growing in size, and keep the subbase from deteriorating.

The cost of asphalt replacement can be kept low by tackling potholes when they first emerge while they are still smaller in size. Although potholes cannot be completely avoided, proper management can serve to reduce the frequency and volume.

Crack Sealing:
We would never accept cracks in our car windshield, cell phone or reading glasses. So why accept cracks in our asphalt? Like a crack in your windshield, asphalt cracks will only get bigger and eventually lead to unmanageable conditions. Sealing your cracks yearly will help preserve the overall integrity of your asphalt.

 Beyond keeping water out of the subbase and reducing the formation of potholes, crack sealing is one of the least costly maintenance items with one of the highest returns on investment.

Sealcoating and line striping will certainly make your property look like a million bucks. So from an aesthetic perspective, certainly worth investing in. But, many would be surprised by the huge protective properties provided by sealcoating.

Asphalt is exposed to all the elements that have corrosive power. Wind, sunlight, water, heat and cold all take turns destroying your asphalt surfaces. Sealcoating not only locks in the natural oils and elements that help maintain its structural integrity, but it also provides a protective layer on top which creates a defensive barrier.

Concrete Poly Raising:
Sunken concrete slabs can cause serious tripping hazards.Typically the result of freeze and thaw cycles, washouts, tree roots and other instances where voids form, sunken concrete may occur without damaging the structural integrity of the slab.

Replacement is often costly, inconvenient and includes the risk of vandalism. Concrete poly raising offers a solution that is on average half the cost of replacement and doesn't include area closure or curing time. With polyurethane being resistant to most elements and injections being extremely precise, raising should definitely be included in any maintenance plan.

This is the year to be proactive instead of reactive. Consulting a trusted contractor is a good way to tackle your asphalt and concrete maintenance budget. Create a maintained property, a sustainable life cycle in line with your long term goals and hard surfaces that retain their value and produce the highest return on investment possible.

Maintain. Sustain. Retain. Extend the Life of Your Asphalt and Concrete Assets with Comprehensive Planning.

By: Ralph Cerullo
Director of Business Development
Advanced Pavement Group

5 Things You Need to Know if You Own or Manage a Commercial Property.

By: Ralph Cerullo
Director of Business Development
Advanced Pavement Group

We all want to take good care of our assets. More importantly, we want to maintain their value. Sometimes this might be easier said than done. First time commercial property owners, and even some veterans will often find themselves overlooking some little items that may have some big impact. Managing one or several properties successfully can be a very daunting task laced with a lot of responsibility and many variables. So, what are some simple things that can easily slip off the priority list? Here are five things every property owner or manager should consider.

1. Always protect expensive equipment.

With items that you cannot fortify by installing them indoors, it is crucial that you haven't only invested in the equipment itself, but also in its protection. One simple way to provide protection from potential impact of vehicles and other hazards is to install bollards around the area. Bollards are designed to absorb impact creating a barrier between destructive forces and your air conditioners, utilities, generators and other costly investments on your property. It's a lot more cost effective to install a new bollard than to replace a piece of equipment.

2. Don't let trash define you and become a potential liability.

Trash is unsightly, unpleasant smelling, and in some cases, hazardous. This is most evident in areas where trashcans are located and areas where loose trash can collect. One example of this is behind car stops. Car stops create a barrier where trash can collect between the car stop and the curb. This can cause a tripping hazard for pedestrians stepping onto the sidewalk. Employing porters in addition to daily parking lot sweeping is a great way to manage the trash that large sweepers don't reach. First impressions start in the parking lot. An impressive lot usually indicates what to expect for the rest of the property.

3. You need to manage the water on your property.

Water is one of the major causes of damage to the exterior of a property and the interior of its buildings. It is imperative that you adequately manage the water on your property. Rain, snow, runoff, natural flooding and burst pipes can all cause major issues for the unprepared property owner. Make sure you have sufficient drainage on the property before investing in any major aesthetic improvements. Pitch and capacity can mean the difference between water management and a swimming pool.

4. Just like landscaping, seasonal cleanups apply to other areas of your property as well.

Making several initiatives seasonal is not only important to the management of the property, but also saves you time and money. One great example is parking lot sweeping. After sand and salt has been dumped on your parking lot for the harsh winter months, doing a major sweep is essential to getting your lot looking great and performing accordingly. This, along with regular service, will keep the cleanliness of your lot manageable year after year.


5. Partner with vendors who understand your business and the needs of your property.

Selecting contractors, service providers, and vendors that understand your needs is key to tackling projects and maintaining operations.

One great example is to utilize contractors that understand how to phase large projects so that your business is impacted as minimally as possible. A good contractor will understand how to accommodate you, your customers and other trades that may be working on the property.

Managing your property is no easy task, but having insight into those items that are highly manageable will free you up to take on some of the more pressing issues. Employing professionals to supply yearly assessments of your property in their area of expertise is a great way to evaluate how you are doing in specific categories. It's also helpful in educating yourself and increasing your confidence with those things you may not be clear about. Manage your property. Don't let your property manage you.



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Advanced Pavement Group Welcomes a New CEO

2018 Contractor of the Year

Advanced Pavement Group has been honored as 

On February 7, 2018, at the Huntington Convention Center in Cleveland Ohio, Advanced Pavement Group accepted Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction's Contractor of the Year award.

" We are extremely proud of our Supreme Metro team, the Central NJ division of Advanced Pavement Group, for being honored as Pavement Maintenance and Reconstruction's 2018 Contractor of the Year. They embody our vision which is simply to be the best, by executing as an Academy Class Organization, making us the logical choice in the pavement installation and maintenance market."

Joseph J. Tinney Jr.
Chief Executive Officer
Advanced Pavement Group